Volume XVII  Issue XI                                 THE POST                                       October 12th, 2017

Jr. Vice Commander’s Call

I am reaching out to each and every one of you to try to clear your calendars and keep Friday November 3rd and Saturday November 4th open. We will be looking for all hands-on deck for our Jelly Belly Fundraiser weekend. Remember, please sign the volunteer to work form, this is our weekend. Everything raised on this weekend goes to us, this is how you get your free parties. Without this being a success, everyone will be paying for the picnic and the Christmas party next year. Let’s team up and bring in a record weekend.  

Thank you for the fantastic job for those who got their dues in on time. The time is almost here for our wonderful Christmas Party. As of today’s, date I only have one Christmas form returned I need all of them as soon as possible, attached you will find the form to fill out and return please follow the directions with the printing of your exact name as well as your guests name and return. I do have many extra forms if you need them. Remember we have a $25.00 cost for all who didn’t have dues paid by September 1, 2017 and we know who you are. See everyone at the Christmas Party for a night of great festivities, and an excellent dinner. Remember, everyone is invited to the Christmas Party, and those who did not meet the deadline will need to pay $25.00 per person by December 1, 2017. 

Attached is a copy of the registration form for the Christmas Party. Please fill it out and return it to Dan Braglia as soon as possible. Print your first and last name of you and your guest on the form.  

I would like to thank John Schaddelee for visiting me in the hospital during my surgery, it was very thoughtful of you. For those of you who have not heard my surgery went very well and was a great success.

Dan Braglia, Junior Vice Commander

Senior Vice Commander’s Call

Sr. Vice Commander 


As of 10/6/17 our membership total with state headquarters reflect 175 members with 131 having paid their dues. This puts us at 75% which puts our Post near the top in the 8th district. In order to entice those who have not paid thus far, I have taken suggestions from some our members for incentives to get your dues in.

They range from a live recording of legionnaire Jim Stewart singing "Put Your Head on my Shoulder" at karaoke night at Traverso's to an autographed photo of legionnaire Joe Vazzana fulfilling his spiritual mission as the Eucharistic minister at St. Michael's church here in Orland Park.

I also thought about getting a dunk booth for next year’s Post picnic and giving people free shots at trying to dunk yours truly. However, the necessary dram insurance could not be obtained due to the fact of someone possibly being drowned from a tsunami wave after I enter the water.

On a more serious note if anyone or yourself is suffering a hardship and cannot pay your dues feel free to contact me at 708 479-1427 and I will see what we can do to offer assistance. Of course, all inquiries will be kept in confidence to the effect our membership by-laws allow. No one should be embarrassed to reach out in such a manner. 

 Dean Morrell, Senior Vice Commander