Volume XVII  Issue XI                                                     THE POST                                                     October 12th, 2017


Who is eligible for VA Health Care?

Minimum Service Requirement (continued from October Newsletter)

Or treatment of conditions related to ionizing radiation, or head or neck cancer related to nose or throat radium treatment while in the military.

Were discharged or released from active duty for a hardship or were discharged with an “early out”, or were discharged from active duty for a disability that began in the service or got worse because of the service; or have been determined by VA to have compensable service-connected conditions; or were discharged for a reason other than disability, but you had a medical condition at the time – was disabling and in the opinion of a doctor would have justified for disability (in this case, the disability must be documented in service records).

Step 2. Enrollment in VA Healthcare System: Generally, you must be enrolled in the VA Healthcare System to receive benefits offered in the Medical Benefits Package. Certain veterans do not need to be enrolled to receive medical care benefits.

You do not need to be enrolled if you: Have been determined by VA to be 50% or more disabled from service-connected (SC) conditions, are seeking care for a VA rated service-connected disability only, it is less than one year since you were discharged for a disability that the military determined was incurred or aggravated by your service, but that the VA has not yet rated.

The Military Branches Explained: The Army, Navy, and Marines are all brothers in a family. The Army is the oldest and mom and dad made all their parenting mistakes with him. The Navy is the middle son, they’re the explorers who left home and one cared. The Marines are the youngest who mom and dad let do whatever they wanted and they still have an inferiority complex due to their small size.

Well, mom and dad got divorced once all the boys were grown. Mom got remarried to a rich guy and quickly gave birth to a fourth son, the Air Force. Now she loves him the most, showers him with the best toys, and buys him whatever he wants. When they go on vacation, the fly first class, stay in 5 star hotels, and enjoy the finest meals. The Air Force is spoiled rotten and his three older brothers have bitter resentment toward him for this.

Finally, there’s the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard, is the rich step son from dad’s first marriage and none of the older brothers think or act like he’s part of the family.

That’s the best way to explain the various service branches and their internal dynamics to civilians (Dysfunctional Veterans – Author Unknown).

                        Sick Call for the month of October


Robert Lewis, Sal Estrada, Lou Lonero, John Ferraro, Richard Balboa, Richard Hook, Warren Koerner, William Jones, Stan Kuchta, Edward Bechtold, Robert Palucki, Dennis Ryan Sr., Joseph Pletzke, Roger Krzyzowski, Dan Braglia.

Birthdays for the month of October

Richard Carbray (15), John Basta (19), John Jerding (24), John Biesen (26), James Steward (27).