Commander's Call

Hello Legionnaires, February is Americanism Month.

At our last officers meeting we discussed upcoming school awards for this year.  We may have to just give the awards to the schools to pass out or discontinue altogether. We will decide when we hear from the schools.

February is Valentine’s day. Don’t forget your sweetheart.

I am currently working on the Past Commanders dinner for the first Division.  That will take place on March 7th at Glenmaker Post on 107th and Ridgeland.

The state Commanders special project is half way home. With a lot of the posts reopening, hopefully there will be more donations coming in. Remember any donations are for Illinois veterans that need help.

Thanks to Dean and Bob for opening the post on Mondays. We hope everyone will be back on Mondays and Fridays.

It has been a tough year losing a lot of members. We just have to hang in there and pray everyone stays healthy. The statewide Covid19 positivity rate numbers have been falling every day and soon everything will be back to normal.

The V.A. has been giving out COVID vaccines for veterans 65 and older, all you have to do is call 708-202-7000 to make an appointment.

Stay safe and stay warm.

Until next month!

Thomas Chambers, Post Commander

Orland Memorial Post 111