April 13, 2020

As the United States and the world tries to control the COVID-19 Pandemic, the National American Legion has canceled the 2020 National Convention. With no clear end in sight to the extraordinary restrictions on business and personal travel, hard decisions have to be made now. The National American Legion after much discussion and weighing of the options determined that it was most prudent for the safety of our members to cancel all Legion meetings until September 30, 2020. The National American Legion Auxiliary and National Sons of The American Legion are also following the guidance recommended. They are strongly urging the Departments Legion, Sons of The American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary to follow a similar course of action. The Leadership of the Illinois Legion Family has met and agrees with that guidance.

The National organization is retaining current national officers until the 2021 convention. That includes all National Vice Commanders and National appointments on commissions and committees. They have recommended Departments do the same and retain District and Division officers. This would include commissions and committee members until the next convention.

Districts and Divisions can make changes during their next regular meeting, in compliance with their own Constitution for replacement of officers that do not want to serve the additional time. If you have any questions about what this means for your District or Division please contact the Department Adjutant at 309-663-0361.

The American Legion has never faced this type of situation. Please be understanding and we as an organization will make this work. Together we will grow stronger as a The Illinois American Legion Family.

Roy Weber, Dept. Commander, Sue Cunniff Coughlin Dept. Auxiliary President,
Phil Stander, SAL Commander

Upcoming Events 

10/19/2020                Officer’s Meeting                                      7pm                             Post

10/28/2020                General Membership Mtg                        7pm                             Post (tentative)

11/06/2020                 Veteran’s Day Drive                                Cancelled

11/07/2020                 Veteran’s Day Drive                                Cancelled

11/16/2020                 Officer’s Meeting                                     7pm                             Post

11/25/2020                 General Membership Mtg                       7pm                             Post (tentative)

12/09/2020                 Christmas Party                                      Cancelled

Legion dues should have been paid on 08/01/2020.


A reminder that, other than our Post coffee get-together on Friday morning, many of our members meet for breakfast at The Orland Oasis, Located on the corner of 143rd and Union St, across from the Irish Patriot and the Orland funeral Home at 0900 hours each Wednesday. Please join us if you have time.

2019-2020 Fiscal year Post Everlasting

John J. Manestar, U.S. Army, DOD: 07/12/2019

Marcus O’Donnell, U.S. Army, DOD: 08/04/2019

Donald Walters, U.S. Army DOD:09/13/2019

Ralph Bechtold, U.S. Navy DOD: 01/15/2020

Raymond Gierut, U.S. Navy, DOD: 03/01/2020

Roger Schubert, U.S. Navy, DOD: 03/01/2020

Frank Wierzbowski, U.S. Air Force, DOD: 03/01/2020

Walker Busse, U.S. Navy, DOD: 08/17/2020

Richard Balboa, U.S. Army, DOD: 08/19/2020

Ray Manring, U.S. Navy, DOD: 09/22/2020

Marvin Campa, U.S. Navy DOD: 09/24/2020