Upcoming Events:

Aug 19th                     Officer’s Meeting                 7:00 pm                  Post

Aug 28th                     General Member Mtg          7:00 pm                  Post

Sept 10th                    Golf Outing                         All Day                     Silver Lakes Country Club

Sept 16th                    Officer's Meeting                 7:00 pm                  Post

Sept 25th                    General Member Mtg         7:00 pm                   Post

Oct 03rd                     Hines Hospital Day             9 am-3pm                Le Jardin Restaurant in Wheaton

Oct 21st                      Officer's Meeting                7:00 pm                   Post

Oct 30th                      General Member Mtg         7:00 pm                   Post

Nov 11th                      Veteran's Day                     All Day                     Various events scheduled throughout the week, TBD

Nov 18th                      Officer’s Meeting                7:00 pm                   Post

Nov 27th                      General Member Mtg         7:00 pm                   Post

 A reminder that, other than our Post coffee get-togethers on Monday and Friday mornings, many of our members meet for breakfast at Orland’s Southfork Restaurant at 0900 hours on Wednesdays.  Please join us, if you have the time. 

2019-2020 Fiscal year Post Everlasting

Marcus O’Donnell, U.S. Army, DOD: 08/04/2019