Volume XX  Issue XI                                 THE POST                                      Oct 26th, 2020

Jr. Vice Commander’s Call

The Veterans Day Poppy Drive, Friday November 6thand Saturday November 7th has been cancelled for this year. Mark this down as another victim of COVID19. Many of our members have pre-existing conditions and we thought it would be in everyone’s best interest to take a pass this year. We also were not getting good vibes from the stores that we depend on.

The Christmas Party scheduled for December 9th has also been cancelled.

The cancellations are due to the COVID19 virus and not knowing what the situation will be in the next weeks or months.


Bob Reger, Junior Vice Commander

Senior Vice Commander’s Call


Our goal is 155 members. We have 113 who have paid so far. That puts us at 73%. A good start. Last year we arrived at our goal of 100% pretty early in the legion year. This year will be more difficult. Sadly, due to the increased passing of some of the membership it makes our task a little harder. We currently have 147 active members. Even if all 34 not in dues compliance forwarded their money in we still would be short of our membership goal.

Plus, that it is if no else passes on. With sorrow I must add that we all know that "the sands of time stop for no man or woman". Therefore, we need to bring some men and women of honor into our fold. Not easy to do in normal times and a task made even more difficult during this COVID19 challenged period. We shall put our best foot forward in trying to achieve our objective.

I do not like to talk about benefits unique to our post that we do for our members when they pass because obviously you have to die before they can be bestowed. Number one. We only do this for our own members. The night of the wake we will perform the memorial poppy ceremony where we salute the veteran in the casket, say a prayer, blow taps and place the memorial poppy inside the casket.

Number 2. The following day our memorial squad will be at the cemetery. We ask you to have the active duty personnel from your branch of service to fold the flag as they look good and at one time how we all did in our uniform. We will do the rest. Fire the proper salute from our rifle squad. Blow taps and present 3 polished shell casings in honor of the rounds fired to the designated next of kin after the memorial flag has been presented.

I have done over a hundred of these ceremonies during my time in the post and they always are a great source of memory and pride for the families involved. A lot of our active members are aware of these post benefits. A great many of those on the duty roster are not. Therefore, inform your family of your wishes. Make sure they contact us so we can perform the final military salutes your service to our country and membership in our post you have earned.

Take care,

 Dean Morrell, Senior Vice Commander