Volume XIX  Issue X                                 THE POST                                      Sept 26th, 2019

Jr. Vice Commander’s Call

We are getting ready for the November 8thand 9thVeterans Day drive. There are a few stores that are not covered as yet. If you have not signed up, please see the attached sign up list for those stores that need coverage. We only ask twice a year to help in our fund drives. Each drive is set for two days, Friday and Saturday, even if you can help for one day, it will help.

The Christmas Party is set for December 11th. I must inform the Riviera Country Club of the attendance by November 20th. Please let me know if you are planning to attend as soon as possible.

Also attached is the Christmas Party sign-up sheet.


Bob Reger, Junior Vice Commander

Jelly Belly Drive Veterans Day, November 8thand 9th, 2019

Friday, Nov 8th                                                                   Saturday Nov 9th

Meet at the Post 8am (Coffee and sweet rolls) Man the stores at 9am to 2pm

* Staffing Needed

143rd St Train Station (Start at 6am to 8am)

Chuck Krezwick


143RdSt and Southwest Hwy

Tom Bakota


153rd St Train Station (Start at 6am to 8am)

Tom Chambers


Orland Bakery                                                                                  Orland Bakery

Dan Braglia                                                                                       Dan Braglia

Jewel 159th & Central (Oak Forest)                                                 Jewel 159th (Oak Forest)

Dave Kemp                                                                                        Dave Kemp

*_____________________________                                                *____________________

Jewel 179th& Wolf (Orland)                                                              Jewel 179th & Wolf (Orland)

Dean Morrell                                                                                      Dean Morrell

Jim Stewart                                                                                        Jim Stewart

Dennis Rangle                                                                                   Greg Bowling

Jewel 159th & 94thAve (Orland)                                                        Jewel 159th (Orland)

Tom Bakota                                                                                         Tom Bakota

Jerry Junkas                                                                                        Jerry Junkas

Jewel 127th& Harlem (Palos)                                                             Jewel 127th& Harlem (Palos)

*__________________________                                                       *________________________

*__________________________                                                       *________________________

Marianos 141st& 95thAve (Orland)                                                  Marianos 141st& 95thAve (Orland)

Tom Testolin                                                                                         Tom Testolin

Bill Jones                                                                                              Bill Jones

Len Rigsby                                                                                            Len Rigsby

Jewel 131st& LaGrange Rd (Palos Park)                                         Jewel 131st& LaGrange Rd (Palos Park)

Wally Jamrose                                                                                      Wally Jamrose

Barry Boesch                                                                                        Barry Boesch

Skip Levandowski                                                                                 Skip Levandowski

Walmart 159thSt ( Orland Hills )                                                        Walmart 159thSt ( Orland Hills )

Chris Crince                                                                                           Chris Crince

Mike Bannister                                                                                       Mike Bannister

Senior Vice Commander’s Call


Legionnaires, Thanks to all for getting your dues in. Our goal is 152. We have 116 legionnaires who have paid so far. This puts us at 77% and ahead of schedule. We are always reading or hearing that the older you get the less intellectual capacity one maintains. Therefore, we will take the legion IQ test with multiple choice answers to test our cranial brain power.

 Dean Morrell, Senior Vice Commander

Alright, after viewing photo please pick what you feel is the right answer.

A) Sr Vice Morrell  poses with likeness of himself at Brookfield Zoo

B) Sr Vice Morrell and legionnaire Stewart share some camaraderie 
                      at the above locale

C) Sr Vice Morrell poses with statue of "pin-up girl" from Pensacola
                      Naval station during the 60's.

D) All the above
The correct answer will be revealed in next month’s issue. Don't eat too much of that Halloween candy!