Volume XIX  Issue IX                                 THE POST                                      Aug 23rd, 2019

Jr. Vice Commander’s Call

Just a reminder the Post picnic will be held on September 7th. Please see the attached sheet with all the details and yes, your dues do need to be paid.

The Veterans Day Jelly Belly Drive will be coming up Friday November 8th and Saturday November 9th. Please consider manning one of the locations. The more help we get for each location will make it easier for all working. The signup sheet will be ready in the next couple weeks when the locations have confirmed or reconfirmed permission for us to be in front of their store.


Bob Reger, Junior Vice Commander

Senior Vice Commander’s Call


As the 2020 legion year begins we are off to one of the best membership starts that I can remember. Currently we have 107 members paid. Our goal this year is 152 members. Therefore, we are at 71%. I appreciate everyone's diligence in getting their dues in. 

Remember dues paid by 9/1 gets you free invites to the post picnic and Christmas soiree. This allows me to concentrate on my second job as Santa for the Christmas party. Some of your wives have already called and informed me how some of you have been "bad boys" during this past year. I may have to send Santa's helpers, James "Oz Man" Osmolski and Jim "Wah-Dunga" Stewart down to the ComED plant with a truck to gather all the coal that will be needed for this year’s stockings.  

Hope to see a lot of you at this year’s Post picnic on Sept 7th. Take care.

 Dean Morrell, Senior Vice Commander