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Volume XXIII  Issue XI                             THE POST                     October 19, 2023

Jr. Vice Commander’s Call

Our next fund drive, Veterans Day, November 3rd and 4th, is less than three weeks away.  We do need more people to man locations that are low on manning. I would like to have a minimum of 3 people manning stores with two entrances or more.  We need the manning to start at 0900 and go to 1400.


There will be coffee and sweet rolls at the post starting at 0800. You will also pick up the donation containers and the giveaway candies. This year we will be handing out Jelly Belly wrapped candies. 


If you would like to pick up the containers, Jelly Belly’s, and the American Legion apron in advance please contact me.


I have attached the signup sheets that identifies locations where additional manning is needed.


Bob Reger, Junior Vice Commander

Senior Vice Commander’s Call




State set our goal this year at 164 members. Remember the 2024 legion year started on August 1st. We have 108 paid so far. That is 66% and a very good start. There are 7 posts in our district with more than 100 members. Currently we are ranked #3 out of 7 posts. Last year we were #1 and led from start to finish. Not only were we one of the top performing posts in the district but in the division (there are 5 legion districts within the state of Illinois) and state as well.


It is my main responsibility to maintain the collection of dues and retention of our members. Therefore, according to our position, I have to increase my performance in this area. If you are unable to pay your dues or have questions concerning them, you need to contact me. Dues are $50 and this translates to approximately a little over $4 per month. Not a big burden especially compared to everything that is available to you.

Let me use this as an example. Recently I was contacted by a funeral director to secure use of our honor guard for a deceased 99-year-old WW11 Veteran. He belonged to a legion post with almost 300 members. They have a women's auxiliary, a Sons of the Legion chapter and I believe a Legion Riders contingent. What they did not have is an honor guard to perform the final military salute for one of their members.


Needless to say, we have an honor guard. We take care of our own. With your membership in the post if we are contacted by one of your family members (please make sure your final wishes are known) not only will we show up at the cemetery to perform the full and final military salute but on the night before at the funeral home we will do the Memorial Poppy service. Something we only do for our members.


Some may say I have to pass on to receive this benefit. Okay but very few posts if any do it. Plus, you do not have to pass to receive unique things like the free Post picnic and the complimentary invite for our Christmas party. We may not have a bar of video gaming machines, but we do offer quite a lot for your dues.


Finally, your dues go to provide the services of American Legion Service Officers. Within the past few years, I know several of our Vietnam brothers who have filed claims for agent orange compensation. Not only have their claims been filed, followed up on and advocated for but usually after a year a substantial back paycheck is received. A disability rating is secured, and monthly compensation is issued. You get a hell of a lot for your dues in this post and the national legion.


I know you have pride in the military service you have rendered to our country. Therefore, if you have not paid your dues make that check out and send it to Orland Memorial American Legion Post #111, P.O. Box 413, Orland Park Il. 60462. I expect going forward to close the distance between us and the two posts outperforming us so far. God bless and take care.

Take care and as always God bless,

Dean Morrell, Senior Vice Commander

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