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Volume XXIV  Issue V                            THE POST                    April 19, 2024

Jr. Vice Commander’s Call



Memorial Day Fund Drive is just about upon us. We still need more Legionnaires to help man the stores. The signup sheets are attached in this newsletter. Please look at the list and check your schedule to see if you can help out.


This year we have an added location. We have permission to be out in front of Lume’s restaurant, which is located at 9060 W 159th, Orland Park. This location opens at 6am to 3pm and has a large turnover of people coming in for breakfast and lunch. It should be good location for us.


 The Jewel on 159th and 94th avenue is set for June 7th and 8th.  The Jewel-Osco had committed the weekends in May to other groups. I am asking that if you are willing to man other stores on the May 17th and 18th  dates and then the Jewel on June 7th and 8th, it will help very much. 


Marino’s had rejected our request to be out in front of their store on the requested dates. To compensate we had planned to be out in the entrances to the parking lot, but due to the persistence of our Senior Vice and many weeks of e-mails the corporate office has granted permission to be out in front of their store on the requested dates.  

The Veterans Day Fund Drive is set for November 1st and 2nd for all stores. Let’s hope the weather is good.

The monthly tidbit on the Christmas Party. Be ready to laugh for two hours. We may have a visit from The Village People.  Also, Santa will visit us.

Angelo Caputo’s 11333 W 150th St 

17-May              18-May                    1-Nov             2-Nov

Nick Losole        Nick Losole  

Vince Piccila      Vince Piccila  


Orland Bakery14850 S LaGrange Rd, Orland Park, IL

17-May              18-May                    1-Nov             2-Nov

Dan Braglia        Dan Braglia  


Walmart            9245 W 159th St, Orland Hills, IL

17-May             18-May                     1-Nov            2-Nov

Mike Bannister   Mike Bannister  

Joe Vazzana      Joe Vazzana  


Jewel-Osco9350 W 159th St, Orland Park, IL

7-Jun                   8-Jun                       1-Nov            2-Nov

Chruck Krezwick Chuck Krezwick  

Tony Katzmark    Tony Katzmark  

Jerry Dubaka       Jerry Dubaka  


Mariano’s           9504 W 142ND St, Orland Park, IL  

17-May              18-May                      1-Nov             2-Nov

Tom Testoline     Tom Testoline  

Bruce Hanson    Bruce Hanson  

Gary Skoczlas    Tom Bakota  

Tony Isadore       Tony Isadore  

Jewel-Osco9652 W 131st St, Palos Park, 

17-May              18-May                     1-Nov              2-Nov

Wally Jamrose   Wally Jamrose  



Jewel-Osco12803 S Harlem Ave, Palos Heights, IL

17-May               18-May                    1-Nov              2-Nov

Bill Kot                Bill Kot  

Bob Hoyt            Bob Hoyt  

John Schaddelle   

Jewel-Osco17930 S. Wolf Rd, Orland Park, IL

17-May               18-May                     1-Nov             2-Nov

Dean Morrell       Dean Morrell  

Terry Dolan         Greg Bowling  

Chris Crince        Chris Crince  


Lume’s Pancake House   9060 W 159 St, Orland Park, IL 

17-May                18-May                    1-Nov            2-Nov



Joey’s Hot Dogs 9130 W 159th St, Orland Park, IL (waiting on permission)

17-May                18-May                    1-Nov            2-Nov


Bob Reger, Junior Vice Commander

Senior Vice Commander’s Call

You know I believe I used this analogy before. In my youth I liked the Motown sound. Still do. Four Tops were one of my favorites. Their hit single. "It's the Same Old Song" is an accurate description of our membership situation. We have held steady at 149 members paid and accounted for during the past month or so. With state setting our goal at 164 we are at 91%. A good job but short of the excellent result we have become accustomed to. 

This May 17th and 18th we will have our annual Memorial Day Poppy Day Drive. Number 19 for me. We have come a long way since initially going to the train stations within Orland and collecting a couple of hundred dollars. Thanks to all throughout the years who have participated. As some of you know through hard work and perseverance, I got Mariano's to lift their "no solicitation policy" for us. Mariano's is a main locale of our fundraising effort and sets the foundation for the generous donations which we receive.

We have been offered to have a presence at a few more high-volume Orland locales. The problem of course is staffing. We get a strong response from our members but having a few more of you with us would be welcome. The camaraderie is good. The people of Orland have always been generous and warm in their support of those of us who have worn the uniform. So, if you have some time contact Jr Vice Reger and volunteer your services. Join us as we "honor the dead and use the monies we collect to help the living".

The father and son team of Gene and Mike Wick have been on our duty roster for a long time. Sadly after a long illness Gene passed. Mike and his family generously donated some of his father's military memorabilia to our post, We put it in our case of honor in the Veterans Center. Since during a "senior moment" I misplaced my Legion cap Mike was gracious enough to donate one of his father's caps to me. Thank you Mike I will wear it with honor. God Bless and Take care.



Take care and as always God bless,

Dean Morrell, Senior Vice Commander

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