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Volume XXIII  Issue VI                             THE POST                     June 06, 2023

Jr. Vice Commander’s Call

The Memorial Day / Poppy Fund Drive which was held on Friday the 19th and Saturday the 20th.  We had a very good store manning on Friday.  On Saturday we were short people, and one store was not manned. Even with some problems we had had outstanding fund drive bring in over $10,000. At time of writing this I expect the numbers to increase number as the final count is not in yet.


I want to thank everyone who gave up their time to help with the drive. Great Job and well done.


The next fund drive will be Veterans Day, November 3rd, and 4th. Please mark your calendar.


Our next function is the post picnic at Live Steamers Railroad on Saturday, September 9th.


Bob Reger, Junior Vice Commander

Senior Vice Commander’s Call




For the 2023 legion calendar year state set our goal at 154 members. We are at 164. Which puts us at 107%. Considering there are 6 other posts in our district with more than 100 members who have not reached 100% yet that is a strong testimonial to the dedication to duty and pride in the post that are members possess. There are many good men and women in our brethren posts. They work hard in achieving their goals. Yet several months ago we succeeded in our mission. They are still working to get there. I appreciate everything you have done for us to meet and surpass our goals.


This year’s Memorial Day Poppy Drive was an outstanding success. I am sure the Commander and Jr Vice will want to pass on their heartfelt thanks for a job well done by everyone who manned their respective posts throughout the community. I want to express my appreciation to the men and woman who I had the privilege of serving with at my duty station at the Jewel on 179th and Wolf. A strong shout goes to first year attendees Terry Dolan and the fantastic duo of Marjorie and Maurice Coffey. Also, just back from major knee surgery the best adjutant around Greg Bowling once again was there. Finally fighting illness and significant body pain the one and only Anthony "The Big A" Isadore joined me in the rain on Friday the 19th for the festivities. 


In the 17 years I have been a part of this you think you have seen it all. Not really. This year a woman approached Anthony and stated, "you look like you could use a treat". Huh, anyway she proceeded to go into the store and emerge with a giant bag of chocolate chip cookies for him… Hell, someone once remarked that I looked like a North Atlantic Greenland walrus. I don't remember anyone bringing out any fish for me while manning my post.


Finally in my role as the Post Chaplain please keep Commander Chambers and Post Historian Anthony Isadore in your prayers as they go through their respective surgeries during the end of May. Also, to any of our members within the ranks who are experiencing illness or having to go through surgery let us know so we can wish you nothing but the best going forward. God bless and take care.

Take care and as always God bless,

Dean Morrell, Senior Vice Commander

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