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Volume XXIV  Issue V                               THE POST                                            April 19th, 2024

May______, 2024


We are presently preparing to update the membership directory. We are asking each member to review the information requested below in this letter and fill in the information asked for so that we can complete the new directory. You will note that we are asking for some additional information that was not previously noted in the 2019 directory. This additional information, from time to time, has been asked for by some of the legionnaires.

To better serve all of our membership we are requesting that all the information requested be filled in; however, if you feel you would not want the requested information made known to the membership, feel free to leave that line blank. The Post is also asking that you sign this request giving us authorization to use this information in the Post directory only. At no time shall this information be made known to any third party outside of the membership of Post 111, without your written consent. After you have completed filling in the requested information, please bring, or mail, this letter back to the Post and give it to Bob Reger, or the Post commander, Thomas Chambers.

I hereby authorize the American Legion Post 111 to use the below information in the preparation of a Post membership directory only.

Print Name: ________________________________________________________

Signature: ________________________________________________________

Please Print:

Name: ___________________________________________________________

Wife’s first name: __________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________

Home Phone: _____________________________________________________

Cell Phone: _____________________________________________________

E-Mail address: ____________________________________________________

Birthday: Month ________ Day __________ Year: ________________

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